Darren Bridges

Darren is a freelance writer and a West Virginia University graduate. He enjoys reading romance novels, scoping out future husbands at the gym, and watching Teen Wolf.

Cartoon Classroom: 6 Lessons This Generation Learned From 'Rugrats'

In case you’ve been living under a rock, or just haven’t been online recently, I want to bless your life with some good news. Nickelodeon is working on bringing all of your favorite 90s cartoons back on their own, special channel. The channel is rumo…
By Darren Bridges

Thou Shall Accept All: 10 Commandments For The LGBT Community To Live By

Our generation has been lucky enough to see LGBT relationships and characters portrayed on television and in the media. From oldies like "Queer as Folk" to newbies like "Looking" and "The New Normal" (which were both sadly canceled), LGBT roles have …
By Darren Bridges

Why The LGBT Anti-Discrimination Bill Is Needed In The Name Of Equality

I don’t want to sound like a big whiny baby, but it’s hard out here for a gay guy. Honestly, it’s hard out here for any person in the LGBT community. We exude confidence and sass our entire way through life (which works majority of the time), but the…
By Darren Bridges