Danielle Cuaycong


Danielle Cuaycong is 'not a girl, not yet a woman' living in London with a cupcake and clothes addiction. She also writes for The Huffington Post and Thought Catalog. (Instagram: danielle.kc)

10 Subtle Signs Your Boyfriend Is About To Break Up With You

By Danielle Cuaycong
In the dynamic world of Tinder and online dating websites, finding true love may seem impossible. So when you find a boyfriend and feel loved, you hold on to that feeling for as long as you can. Love is certainly not always about flowers,…

9 Heartwarming Reasons Your Mom Is The Best Friend You Could Ever Have

By Danielle Cuaycong
I can't recall the number of times people have approached my mother thinking she was my best friend. Many people would feel rather uncomfortable having 22-year-olds approach their mom while calling her a "hottie." But I've always felt an…

'Gossip Girl' Lessons Told Through Serena Van Der Woodsen Quotes

By Danielle Cuaycong
In a world of exceedingly embezzled diamond headbands, intertwining hook-ups and whirlwind marriages to European Princes, 'Gossip Girl' was undoubtedly the ultimate show to live these preposterous fantasies. What did Serena Van Der Woodsen not have?…

10 Reasons Chrissy Teigen Is The Only Celebrity Who Actually Matters

By Danielle Cuaycong
From wanting to have that sexy beach body but stuffing your face with cake like there's no tomorrow, to accidentally blurting out dirty jokes on Twitter, we've all been there. And so has Chrissy Teigen. The sexy supermodel/mama/chef seems to have it…

10 'Pretty Little Liars' Quotes That Will Help You Get Over Your Breakup

By Danielle Cuaycong
Nestled away in Pennsylvania lies the quaint town of Rosewood. Behind its incredible wealth and prestige are the women from "Pretty Little Liars" and their intricate and endless web of mysteries, bewildering Red Coats and creepy text messages from…

10 Blair Waldorf Quotes To Get You Through Life's Toughest Situations

By Danielle Cuaycong
Long gone are the Wednesday nights I spent confused by Serena van der Woodsen's love life, despising Jenny's wild antics and admiring Blair Waldorf's preppy attire. Albeit the trend of headbands has passed into oblivion and flip phones are…