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8 Things My Failed Long-Distance Relationship Taught Me About Love

Relationships take work. Whether you're 5, 500 or 5,000 miles apart, the *DJ Khaled voice* MAJOR KEYS to making a relationship work are based around trust, communication and having a life outside of the relationship. I spent about 80 percent of my co…
By Danielle Agoglia

9 Beauty Products You Should Switch Up For Your Winter Skin Care Routine

Red Starbucks cups, flannels and gorgeous autumn leaves are some of the more pleasant ways that tell us winter is coming. On the other hand, the not-so-pleasant ways include static everywhere, dry, itchy skin and runny noses. Winter weather can reall…
By Danielle Agoglia

My Mom Is Voting For Trump: I Can't Accept It, But I Won't Let It Bother Me

My mom is voting for the Republican nominee this election. Yes, orange-puff-he-who-shall-not-be-named. My mom doesn't care about the economy, military, or Second Amendment rights: she only cares about abortion. Not only is my mom fully against abor…
By Danielle Agoglia

I'm A Woman Who Refuses To Go On Birth Control And That's OK

Raise your hand if: 1. You're a female, and 2. have ever purchased the value box of 36 condoms for 15 dollars at Target. Anyone? No? Just me? OK. No, I don't keep an absurd amount of condoms in my bedroom because I'm slutting it up at the bar every w…
By Danielle Agoglia