Daniel Lampert


Born at Tomorrow Land, Daniel has been raised listening to strictly EDM. His knowledge and love for the music goes far beyond just the tracks. Fatboy Slim coined the phrase eat, sleep, rave, repeat, from Daniel himself. Often times you can find him humming the tune to levels in his sleep and or raging while sleep walking. Daniel is simply just a kid writing about what he loves and that is electronic dance music.

The 50 Best EDM Tracks Of 2013

By Daniel Lampert
What a year it has been for electronic dance music. With its epic rise to prominence and ever-expanding growth on a worldwide level, 2013 can be viewed as the year of EDM. Well, with such a crazy year in the books, its time to count down the top 50…

From 'Molly' To 'The Drop': Your Ultimate Cheat Sheet For EDM Slang

By Daniel Lampert
Raves have become common fixtures in modern society. We're slowly but surely adopting this music as our own, allowing it to both represent and to shape this generation. Just like rock n roll and hip hop, there are certain terms that are commonly…

The MAKJ Story: How A 23-Year-Old DJ Blew Up From A Virtual Unknown To A Household Name In Months

By Daniel Lampert
Just a few months ago, the name Mackenzie Johnson, or MAKJ as he is more commonly known, meant very little to most people. Simply put, he was the best DJ you had never heard of. At the age of 23, MAKJ is now being hailed as one of the next rising…

Ravers In London Take 'Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat' A Bit Too Serious (Video)

By Daniel Lampert
Fatboy Slim's "Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat" has become an anthem of sorts for the EDM world over the past several months. Every DJ seems to be using this phrase these days, and rightly so. Recently ravers in London decided to take the track literally…

The 30 Things Everyone Absolutely Hates About Raves

By Daniel Lampert
Everyone loves a good rave these days. Whether you're going to see your favorite DJ, or going to one of the biggest festivals, it's just all very exciting. And what is still so new to our society has become the social norm: raves are the newest…

Rumor Debunked: Steve Aoki Is A Real DJ

By Daniel Lampert
About two weeks ago, a website called Wunderground.ie came out with an article titled, "Steve Aoki Shocks EDM World By Admitting He Is Not An Actual DJ." This news made headlines almost everywhere. It caused a huge stir in the EDM community and had…