Cynthia Spitalny

Cynthia Spitalny is the Founder and President of shewill, a platform devoted to activating women to own their voices and their value. She is on a mission to inspire 5 million women to settle for MORE. Cynthia is very passionate about women owning their voices and value. After hitting the proverbial glass ceiling in corporate and excelling professionally (including building an 8-figure revenue channel in her last corporation), and then being told by male managers and female superior that she had no where to go and that she should shut up and suck it up, Cynthia understood what it meant to experience sexism in corporate. After being told that 6 or 8 weeks of maternity leave were plenty, she understood how deep the undercurrents of sexism are in this country and how much work there is to do. Cynthia hopes to inspire others to be the change we need in this world. You can reach Cynthia for coaching, consulting, speaking engagements and more at