Courtney Wregget


Courtney is an on-campus brand ambassador for Elite Daily. She was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA and is currently a student at Penn State University. Follow her on instagram and twitter @courtwregg

5 Reasons Your Facebook Rant May Be Costing You Friends

By Courtney Wregget
Facebook ranters are the worst kind of people. They bitch about every single tiny detail of their lives. They are negative, small-minded and essentially attention whores. The Facebook status used to mean putting up where you're going on vacation,…

In Defense Of Ghosting: 5 Times Cutting Ties Is The Only Solution

By Courtney Wregget
Most of us are aware ghosting allows you to completely cut yourself off from someone, to the point where you are unreachable, unseen and essentially dead to this person. I only recommend ghosting to those who are having an especially hard time…

10 Ways Coming Home On Holiday Breaks Messes With The College Routine

By Courtney Wregget
Growing up, we all have that one place we think of as home. It’s a town where you made your childhood best friends, where you fell in love for the first time, where everyone knows you. It's hard to imagine that your opinion of home could ever…

Why Spending Time Alone After A Breakup Will Leave You Better, Not Bitter

By Courtney Wregget
Most of us know at least one person who moves from relationship to relationship with barely any time to breathe in between. These people have never been single for more than a few months at a time and during that time, they actively search or start…

What Your Instagram Reveals About You

By Courtney Wregget
One of the first things many people do when bored is check their Instagrams. Whether in class or trying to fall asleep at night, we love to check to see what everyone is up to. It's a way for us to take a peek into someone’s life and escape from our…