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Colleen Woodward is a CT native, NYC newbie, and a lifestyle writer finding her way in this adult world. Feel free to stalk her via social media and blog:

Everything I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Got Laid Off

By Colleen Woodward
Never – especially at 24 – did I ever think I would be laid off. But I guess that's what can happen in the land of freelance work with a company that isn't succeeding. Although, realistically, it can happen anywhere. One week after my birthday –…

All Work, No Play: 5 Ways To Deal With Your Truly Horrible Boss

By Colleen Woodward
Let's be real. We're not all cut out to be managers, bosses, CEOs or in leadership positions in general. There could be a number of reasons for this. Maybe your ego is the size of planet Earth. Maybe you lack compassion. Maybe you lack altogether…

4 Key Facts To Keep In Mind While Binging 'Making A Murderer'

By Colleen Woodward
Last night, I finished watching the Netflix series "Making A Murderer," and I was left baffled and, in a sense, heartbroken. So, that right there should give you an idea of what you might experience through those 10 episodes. Ultimately, you are in…

Adulthood Is No Joke: How To Make The Transition From Kid To Grownup

By Colleen Woodward
When we’re in middle school (aka, the worst most hormonal years of our lives), we’re constantly wishing we were grown up. Whether it’s dreaming of our senior years of high school, or making it to the wonderful age of 21 when we can booze up and hit…

What My Brother's Addiction Taught Me About The Road To Resilience

By Colleen Woodward
Addiction is a concept that is not easy to comprehend when you're in elementary, middle and even sometimes high school. I was addicted to mac and cheese, candy and "SpongeBob SquarePants," while my brother was addicted to drugs. Our worlds were…

5 Ways To Improve Your Life By Slamming The Door In The Face Of Fear

By Colleen Woodward
Whether it's starting a new job, going on a first date, traveling somewhere new or moving, we've all feel a sense of fear creep into the back of our minds: What if [insert scary thing here] happens? What if he or she doesn't find my jokes funny?…