Clare Gallagher


Clare studied the Earth's rapidly deteriorating coral reefs from Bermuda to Palau while at Princeton. She's since taught English in Thailand and competitively raced ultramarathons, and is most passionate about climate change storytelling.

Why We’re Being Stupid If We Still Buy Bottled Water

By Clare Gallagher
Did you know that buying bottled water is roughly the equivalent of spending a thousand bucks on a gallon of milk that would normally cost $2.99? Bottled water costs 300 to 2000 times more than tap water. Buying a pack of bottled water is like…

How The Clean Power Plan Helps The Divestment Movement

By Clare Gallagher
On August 3rd, President Obama and the Environmental Protection Agency announced the Clean Power Plan, which is a crucial and historic move in cutting carbon pollution and our country’s contribution to climate change. In a video posted to the White…

7 Questions About Which Type Of Sunscreen You Should Be Using

By Clare Gallagher
You may think buying the most expensive, name-brand sunscreen enhances your protection against sunburns, wrinkles and skin cancer. But, have you considered you’re just innocent prey to effective marketing? In an annual report on sunscreen products,…

Why Every Woman Should Use A Menstrual Cup

By Clare Gallagher
Aside from saving money and reducing environmental waste, menstrual cups, commonly recognized as the "Diva Cup" or Instead Softcup, are the best menstrual products for women because they are chemical-free and provide better leak-protection than…

The Science Of Shark Week: How Humans Are Endangering The Species

By Clare Gallagher
What’s one thing Shark Week needs more than anything else? Well, sharks. There cannot be a Shark Week if humans continue to kill sharks and destroy their marine habitats. Considering one in four of every shark and ray species is threatened with…

World Leaders Must Move Faster on Climate Change

By Clare Gallagher
The UN chief described climate change mitigation negations as moving at a “snail’s pace.” At a high-level United Nations General Assembly meeting on climate change in New York on Monday, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon reiterated that world leaders…