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Here Are 3 Subtle Ways Couples Are Including Marijuana In Their Weddings

By Civilized
We've all attended at least one yawn-worthy, cash-bar, stuck-up, no-fun wedding. Clearly, the best celebrations of love are the ones that are chill, low-key and genuinely reflect the personalities of the couple involved rather than the amount of…

Here's How The Cannabis Industry Gave A Woman Strength After Her Mother Died

By Civilized
Natasha Irizarry has managed to launch a business that brings surprise packages of pleasure into peoples' lives, just as she's going through a personally trying time herself. Love surprises? Presents? High-end smoking gear? You're going to want to…

Here Are The 5 States With The Harshest Marijuana Possession Laws

By Civilized
Last week, state legislators put Illinois on track to become the 21st state to decriminalize cannabis. If Governor Bruce Rauner signs the bill - and he's said he likely will - residents would no longer face up to 6 months in jail and a fine up to…

Marijuana-Infused Cocktails Are All You Need This Summer

By Civilized
Savoring a perfectly-crafted cocktail is one of life's small rewards after a long week - but even the most dedicated whiskey or vodka connoisseur might, after a while, crave a different kind of buzz. On long summer days when you're feeling blasé…

These Are The 3 Most Common Methods People Use To Fake Their Drug Tests

By Civilized
We're getting closer to a world in which, as long as you're doing your job, off-hours cannabis consumption won't much matter to employers. But, for now, there are still situations in which you could be required to provide a sample for testing, and…

4 Key Factors That Dictate The Way Marijuana Effects Your Body

By Civilized
It's difficult to predict precisely how you're going to feel after consuming cannabis. The "super-heavy indica" that glued your best friend to the couch all evening might leave you feeling peppy and ready to jam. Conversely, the infused cookies that…

5 Ways Marijuana Can Be Your Secret Weapon Against Brutal Hangovers

By Civilized
It's impossible to overstate the importance of cannabis as a life-saving medicine, useful in treating a host of serious ailments from epilepsy to Crohn's disease to cancer. But it's also a panacea for an ailment that, while not life-threatening,…

Profound Relaxation: Here's What It's Like To Visit A Ganja Yoga Studio

By Civilized
Seven people are lying in a circle in the center of a small room, lit only by candlelight from an altar. Wide sheaths of patterned silk are draped across the ceiling, casting a warm light on the room. A small woman moves softly from person to…

Everything You've Ever Wanted To Know About Indica and Sativa Marijuana Strains

By Civilized
Due to the rise of online resources, and rapidly-evolving attitudes surrounding marijuana, the average user has better access to information about the plant than ever before. But even seasoned consumers might not have a crystal-clear understanding…