Christine Osazuwa

Christine received her BA in Music Journalism & Business from UMBC and an MBA in Marketing from Loyola University. She loves Americana, Baltimore, statistics, writing friend's dating profiles, and quoting pop punk bands from the late 2000s.

12 Financial Questions All Millennials Should Be Asking Each Other

Millennials need to start talking about money. We talk about everything else at this point. Scroll through any feed you have, and you’ll see people complaining about their relationships (or lack thereof), articles about new sexual positions to try, s…
By Christine Osazuwa

Don't Hate The Player: What I Learned After Going On 100 First Dates

If your college years were anything like mine, it was all nights spent dancing on bars and days spent figuring out one more job you could squeeze onto you résumé. Dating was not even on your radar. Then, all of a sudden, you've got a diploma in hand,…
By Christine Osazuwa