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Founder and CEO of UserMuse. Also an author and a podcast addict.

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I Paid A Woman To Talk to Me About Underwear, And It Led To A New Business

I should probably clarify that headline a bit to make sure no one gets the wrong idea: 1. This was a business transaction between mature, consenting adults. 2. I sent this woman a polite introduction and proposed an hourly rate for her services after…
By Christian Bonilla

5 Ways To Handle Conflict With A Co-Worker Without Creating More Drama

Have you ever seen the preview of a new email from a colleague pop up on your desktop and gotten that “uh oh” vibe? We've all been there. You get into a debate with a colleague over something. The back-and-forth escalates until your counterpart decid…
By Christian Bonilla

Getting A Promotion Could Actually Wreck Your Career Goals

A quarter-life crisis is an unpleasant thing. It strikes when people in their late 20s come to the realization that life and work aren't what they hoped for, and they don't know how to fix the situation. Numerous surveys have come to the conclusion t…
By Christian Bonilla

The Easiest Way To Impress Your Boss Is By Staying Open To New Ideas

The CEO of my prior company used to say there were two kinds of people: those who are excited by the possibilities of a new idea, and those who react by pointing out the problems of said new idea. He preferred the former type, and I do too. Brand new…
By Christian Bonilla

6 Questions To Ask Yourself If You're Always Feeling Burned Out At Work

Little-known fact: "Hell Week" for Navy SEALs is not a full seven days. They cut it at around five days. Because after a few days of Hell, everyone who's going to quit already has. The rest just become zombies and risk injuring themselves. Many peopl…
By Christian Bonilla

Why The Person I Worked Harder Than Deserved To Get Promoted Before I Did

For people who were always successful in school, spending 20-odd years winning in the classroom can be poor preparation for the business world. Our education system conditions people to think of success as a simple function of effort, because that's …
By Christian Bonilla

If You Know How To Handle Bad News, You Can Handle Anything In The Work Place

Every now and then, we all have to break bad news. Whether it be to our managers, customers, investors, etc., the earlier you spot trouble and let them know, the better. But even so, fires can have a way of roaring to life unexpectedly. What do you d…
By Christian Bonilla

How Talking To Your Boss Like An Equal Proves You're Ready To Be A Manager

Early in my career, I learned a valuable lesson about communicating effectively with my managers. This is all thanks to two faux pas I would never have knowingly committed. Six weeks into my first job after college, I was working at my desk one day w…
By Christian Bonilla