Chelsey Amer


Chelsey graduated from the University of Michigan in 2010, moved to Tel Aviv, and is currently living in New York for grad school. You can find her dishing the latest nutrition news or recipes on her blog,!

50 Recipes To Help Vegetarians And Vegans Get Through Turkey Day

By Chelsey Amer
'Tis the season to be thankful. But if you're a vegetarian, the world's largest food holiday may produce a dramatic eye roll. Let's make this year different. It’s been quite some time since I traded in turkey, mashed potatoes and jellied cranberry…

My Parents Taught Me To Never Let The Fear Of Failure Hold Me Back

By Chelsey Amer
Dear Mom and Dad, I don’t know if I have ever written you a proper thank you note. With each year of my almost 27-year-old life that passes, I have so much to be thankful for when it comes to having you as my parents. I am almost the age you were…

Hibernating Is For The Bears: 8 Ways To Keep Your Summer Bod In Winter

By Chelsey Amer
Here’s the situation: Sunny summer days and weekends by the beach motivate you to actually get out of bed for your 6 am spin class, choose a salad for lunch over the burrito that’s calling your name and make sure you’re plenty hydrated. I mean, if…

The Only 10 Reasons You Need To Convince You To Go Meat Free Today

By Chelsey Amer
Nearly four years ago, I became a vegetarian -- not because of a love for animals, not for a dislike of meat and not because Beyoncé was doing it. It was simply because of happenstance or, maybe, laziness. I was a busy student living in Tel Aviv…

50 Little Things You Can Do To Live Healthier Today

By Chelsey Amer
The sun is shining; bulbs are blooming, and spring is finally in the air! Before you know it, the unofficial start to summer will be here, and you’ll want to look -- and, more importantly, feel -- your best as you soak up the sun, err, Vitamin…

Avopocalypse: 8 Reasons You Should Start Hoarding Avocados

By Chelsey Amer
If guacamole is your go-to happy hour app, or chocolate avocado pudding is your stay-slim dessert secret, you may need to press the panic button pronto. Recent reports say we may face an avocado shortage in America due to the ongoing three-plus-year…