Chelsea Blake


Chelsea is a contributor to Elite Daily. While she uses writing as an outlet, she also loves to express herself in whatever way she wants. She has a kind heart and a happy soul, mostly. Follow her Instagram @chelsealblake

The Difference Between Sex In A Long-Term Relationship And Sex In A New One

By Chelsea Blake
Let me just start off by saying sex with your SO should always be the best. Was it quick? Who cares. Did something strange and new happen during it? Now you've experienced something new. Sex with your partner is still sex with your partner,…

How It Feels To Break Up After You Get Matching Tattoos With Your SO

By Chelsea Blake
I love tattoos. If I had endless money, I would be covered in more ink than I currently am. The process of getting a tattoo and seeing the finished product on your body is an exhilarating experience, and sharing the experience of a tattoo can create…

4 Reasons I'll Never Give Up Iced Coffee, Even In The Dead Of Winter

By Chelsea Blake
Happy National Coffee Day my fellow caffeine fiends! I love coffee. Actually, don't we all love coffee? You can call me a Gilmore Girl because I'm all about my morning coffee intake. Hook me up to an IV? As long as it's pumping coffee we're…

How I Knew I Was Going To Cheat Even Before I Did

By Chelsea Blake
I can sit here and deny it and say, "I don't know how it happened." I can blame the amount of alcohol I drank and say my judgement was cloudy. I can say a million different things. They would all be lies, though. I knew I was going cheat. Maybe I…

I'll Never Contour My Face, But That Doesn't Mean I'm Against Makeup

By Chelsea Blake
A while back, I was chatting with a friend about everything and anything. Eventually, we got onto the subject of beauty. If we're being honest, girls always turn the conversation to lipstick and skincare at least once, don't we? We've drawn…

You Don't Miss Your Ex, You Miss The Connection With Another Human Being

By Chelsea Blake
“I don't miss him, I swear!” we promise it's over and there is no connection between us and our ex what so ever. How many times do we find ourselves trying to convince our friends we've moved on and fell out of love with our exes? The answer is a…

4 Things You Should Do After Your Breakup Instead Of Looking For A Rebound

By Chelsea Blake
I will never be able to understand how people can jump from serious relationship to relationship without taking a second to breathe. One minute, they're madly in love with their SO. The next day, it's over and they've moved on to the next one. Um,…

4 Reasons Your 20s Aren't Meant To Be Lived Out With A Significant Other

By Chelsea Blake
Your 20s are a time for experimentation and adventure. It's a time to test your boundaries and find out what you love and what you hate. It's an opportunity to find yourself, a time for intense love and immense heartbreak. Falling in love in your…

7 'Mom' Outfits From The '90s We Would Still Totally Wear Today

By Chelsea Blake
Growing up in the '90s, we couldn't stand what our mothers' wardrobes looked like. “Mom, why are you wearing that? It's embarrassing!” we would scream when we'd have to go out in public with our moms. They'd be decked out with visors on their heads…