Charnita Arora

Charnita Arora founder of Perfect Life Spot, TEDx speaker and she facilitates experiential sessions on mindfulness, inner-peace & emotional well-being. Her book, Mindfulness for Beginners in Plain English (

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Emotional Mindfulness: How To Listen To Your Partner's Unspoken Needs

I read somewhere the opposite of love isn't hatred; it's loneliness. This thought resonates with me. What do we do when our love feels lonely? I've seen relationships where there has been a lot of loneliness and suffering. Strangely so, relationships…
By Charnita Arora

Catch And Release: 5 Reasons Why Letting Go Is Crucial For Well-Being

Unresolved emotions cause a lingering sense of incompleteness. Often, they lead to self-consuming behavioral patterns. Overthinking, overeating, oversleeping, digital-addiction, workaholism and social withdrawal are some of the results of pressing em…
By Charnita Arora