Celeena Sayani


Celeena Sayani is a Vancouver based writer who loves everything about her city. She is passionate about the outdoors and can usually be found with a pen, her old school notebook and a big glass of red wine.

7 Feelings You Experience With Someone Who Understands You

By Celeena Sayani
Dating, for me, has always been a little bit wearing. My past relationships required too much effort (from both sides), and I never felt like I could be myself. I don’t think anyone was at fault; I wasn’t right for the men I’ve dated, and they…

Why Forgiveness Is The Answer To Finally Moving On

By Celeena Sayani
There came a point in my life when I needed to move on from someone who would never be the person I wanted him to be. I never meant to fall in love with him. He was the type of guy from whom I usually stayed away. But, he courted me. He told me he…

How The Holidays Changed For Me After My Loved One Passed Away

By Celeena Sayani
It’s already the middle of December. Christmas music is everywhere, Santa Claus is in the mall and I am trying to use every ounce of energy to be strong this holiday season. A couple of years ago, I would have been the one buying presents and…

Why You Should Date The Kind Of Woman Who Makes You A Better Man

By Celeena Sayani
To the good men in the world, you deserve a woman who has it all. She could be a writer, a runner or an investment banker for all I care. Just date a woman who has all the qualities you want in a partner. This isn’t a dating checklist by any means.…

How My In-Between Partner Led Me To Realize What I Deserve

By Celeena Sayani
I met him a few months ago, fresh out of a long-term relationship. I’ve dated a lot of guys but never someone who made me feel the way he does. To clarify, we’re not actually dating. We talk often and spend time together when we can, but it’s by no…