Catt Cheshire


Catt Cheshire has lived her 9 lives. From high school romance, to wanderlust gypsie with no fixed address. From bartender to power suited career woman. From planning a wedding to a life of dating, and other mishaps... Here she shares her stories of what life is really like for the modern day empowered woman. The good, the bad, and the ugly. No censorship, no bullsh*t, no knights in shining armour.

8 Things To Never Say To The Ultimate Single Girl Once She Gets A BF

By Catt Cheshire
When you've been single a while, it becomes a part of your identity, whether you like it or not. I've always been at peace with living life solo. Sometimes, I crave a partnership. Sometimes, I can't imagine giving up my solitude. But overall, I've…

How Your Awkward Pap Smear Could Really Be A Blessing In Disguise

By Catt Cheshire
There are a lot of difficult aspects about being a woman. Society demands a million different things from us. We demand even more from ourselves. We have a host of health risks our X-chromosome counterparts don't have to worry about. Pregnancy…

I Let My Ex Back Into My Life, Only To Have Him Leave Me Again

By Catt Cheshire
We all have that one ex, don't we? He's the one who absolutely tore your heart out and left you completely destroyed. He's the one who casts a shadow over every relationship afterward. Usually, it's the first one, before your heart starts to harden,…

The Timing Of Friendship: 7 Signs You've Outgrown Your BFF

By Catt Cheshire
You know her dreams, her hopes and her history. Her family feels like yours, and your family always ask about her. You’ve shared more nights out than you could ever remember, and she plays a pivotal part in most of the stories you tell people. She’s…

Why The Battle For Gender Equality Is Still Waging In Australia

By Catt Cheshire
The year is 2015. Everywhere you look, the cars are becoming shinier, sleeker and more fuel-efficient. We eat our meals from microwaveable pouches, and we can access pretty much anything we need on the smartphones attached to our hands. In 2010,…

5 Precious Things I Realized About Life After Experiencing Infant Loss

By Catt Cheshire
There are a few rules we take for granted in life. We sleep safely in our beliefs that if you are a good person, good things will happen to you. We hear tragic stories, but deep down, we know these things won’t happen to us. One of the most concrete…