Casey Cavanagh


Casey is a freelance writer and editor living in New York City. Passionate about green tea, Pinterest, typewriters, tongue-in-cheek humor, and the daily struggle of not over-thinking things. | @casecav

Why It's Perfectly Okay To Not Want Children In Today's Judgmental Society

By Casey Cavanagh
At this point in my life, I don’t want children (yes, I know things change). This is neither because I hate kids nor because I come from a negligent family. I think children are precious, adorable little humans who are often better company than some…

9 Habits To Acquire Today That Your Future Self Will Thank You For

By Casey Cavanagh
The actions we take today cultivate the realities we experience tomorrow. As a society largely encouraged to “live in the moment,” it is important for us to evaluate what day-to-day habits we’ve acquired that will affect our futures. Sure, we know…

8 Things All Women Literally. Just. Must. Stop Doing

By Casey Cavanagh
We're often handed plenty of (very helpful) advice regarding how we should be living our lives: how to land a dream job, how to get over a failed relationship, how to make the most of our summer, etc. But sometimes, it is important to take a step…

10 Things Every 20-Something Girl Needs For A Happy Life

By Casey Cavanagh
Women are in constant demand. Between jobs, families, social calendars and relationships, we’re steadily pulled in various directions. However, in a woman's pursuit to be the happiest and most successful person she can be, it’s important she also…

12 Signs You're Becoming An Adult And Actually Starting To Get Your Sh*t Together

By Casey Cavanagh
Few of us feel like we have it all figured out and maybe we never will. But there comes a point in our twenties when we can actually start to feel maturity setting in. It doesn't happen overnight, but somewhere between college graduation and finding…

Stop Kidding Yourself: Post Break-up Excuses to Stop | Elite Daily

By Casey Cavanagh
The only thing worse than a heartbroken girl is a girl who’s in complete denial about having been dumped. It is impossible to move past the turbulence of a current relationship while convincing yourself that it isn't really over. Breakups suck but…

5 Simple Characteristics That Will Help You Determine If A Person Is Worth Your Time

By Casey Cavanagh
Determining a person's true character can be a difficult feat. It’s easy to get along with someone initially, when everyone’s on his or her best behavior, but it's only after we’ve spent a considerable amount of time together that different sides of…

9 Life Lessons Break-ups Teach You | Elite Daily

By Casey Cavanagh
There are two kinds of people in this world: those who find lessons in hardship and grow in tough times, and those who become paralyzed with negativity. When something unfortunate happens, like a relationship failing, it’s important to let yourself…

Be Selfish And Say No To The Sh*t You Hate

By Casey Cavanagh
Our 20s are our selfish years — and for good reason. These years are crucial when it comes to learning about ourselves — from what we need in a romantic partner, to whether or not we can survive in a congested city to whether or not we are cut out…