Caroline Nelson


Caroline is a recent public relations graduate from the Penn State University. She is currently residing in the Washington, DC area and is carefully planning her next step post-grad. Along with being a proud Nittany lion, Caroline enjoys horseback riding and loves riding around the rolling hills of the Northern Virginia area.

How My Struggle With Body Image Turned Into A Complete Obsession

By Caroline Nelson
I order three shrimp tacos and a Diet Coke. The lady taking my order asks if I would like to make it a combo. I say "no." I don't need the chips. It's bad enough that I'm drinking a carbonated beverage and eating flour tortillas, sour cream and…

6 Ways To Deal When You're Working In A Toxic Office Environment

By Caroline Nelson
For nearly a year of my life, I worked at a place I hated. It wasn't the normal, “I don't want to go into work” feeling; it was levels above that. I couldn't sleep, I drank to be able to deal with another day, I cried in the bathroom at least once a…

The Science Behind Why Millennials Love To Rewatch The Same TV Shows

By Caroline Nelson
It was another night, and I inevitably turned on another episode of "Sex and the City." By now, I can recite each episode by heart, but it's just nice to turn it on and drift away to a land where writing in New York could get you a sweet place in…

Life After College: 9 Reasons To Join A Club Outside Of The Office

By Caroline Nelson
In college, I was part of a few different clubs. The social benefits were great, but I also gained professional experience and learned to work as a team. As I was graduating from college, I had a sobering feeling these would be the last clubs I…

5 Stages Of Grief: How Millennials Reach Acceptance In Uncertainty

By Caroline Nelson
A year ago, my best friend and I were sitting across the table from each other at dinner. I was bragging about my job, and she was bragging about her boyfriend. We were both so excited and happy to be in the places we were. We couldn’t believe our…

My Own Happy Ending: 9 Reasons I'd Never Want To Be A Disney Princess

By Caroline Nelson
Once upon a time there was a little red headed girl who would twirl in a mirror, and wonder when she would be told she was a princess to be whisked away to the ball to meet a prince. When I was younger I would watch every Disney film and dream of…

9 Ways To Effectively Manage Your Interns And Get The Most Out Of Them

By Caroline Nelson
For those planning to intern, or those currently interning, I want to thank you for all of your help. This is my ode to interns, a thank you letter I will never mail (but should). Below are a few of the reasons why interns are the absolute best and…

What Others Don't See: 7 Real Life Struggles Of Being An Adult With ADHD

By Caroline Nelson
I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was around 3 years old. My mother and father could not take my behaviors any longer and put me on medication to appeal to their and my own sanity. But, even on medication, I continued to display behavioral problems…