Carly Sotas

Carly Sotas is a program host on CITR Radio in Vancouver and the author of Illusion. You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter @carlysotas

The Not-So-Glamorous Truths No One Tells You About Traveling Solo

I've read the inspirational articles about how traveling solo will change your life, and I've seen the stunning pictures of sunsets that will take your breath away. But let's be honest ... traveling alone is not always as glamorous as we make it look…
By Carly Sotas

5 Podcasts To Start Off Your Summer Listening List

Summer is a time for self-reflection, growth and exploration. It's a time to lie on the beach, travel to new locations and take some time to relax in the sun. Each year, I start off my summer by making a music playlist and bucket list of everything I…
By Carly Sotas

What I've Learned About Love, Life And Fashion From My 70-Year-Old BFF

My best friend is 70 years old, and she is more stylish and fabulous than I’ll ever be. When we walk down the streets of New York together, people stop and stare. And they aren’t staring at me. They are looking at her in her colorful coat and signatu…
By Carly Sotas