Carla McCormack


Carla graduated from the University of Glasgow before going onto work in party politics. Having survived this, Carla now works for a charity which aims to eradicate poverty. Carla loves to travel, preferably to places with delicious ice cream.

5 Lessons About Life Every Father Should Teach His Daughter

By Carla McCormack
How many articles have you read about a father being his daughter’s first love? About a 25-year-old who still refers to herself as a "daddy's girl"? Well, this isn't going to be one of those. I adore my dad, but I recognize he isn't perfect. He…

5 Timeless Books That Will Inspire You On World Book Day

By Carla McCormack
I'm a reader, and I always have been. As a child, I devoured "Nancy Drew," "Sweet Valley Twins" and every Enid Blyton book I could get my hands on. My friends at school thought this was a bit weird, and most of them preferred watching TV…

Why The Story Of The Titanic Is More Than A Film For Northern Ireland

By Carla McCormack
For most, "Titanic" is a great movie starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, but to the people of Belfast, it is so much more than that. Growing up in Northern Ireland, a small country torn apart by decades of fighting, we didn’t have many…

When We Stop Being Our Parents' Children And Start Becoming Adults

By Carla McCormack
For generations before us, the journey to adulthood was clearly marked. You got an education, found employment, got married, bought a house, had children and, bam, you became a grownup. Many members of Generation-Y have forged a different path. We…

2 Homes Are Better Than None: 4 Realities Of Leaving Home For Good

By Carla McCormack
Every year, young people set off to study at a college away from their homes. Most expect to return after three or four years of studying, but plenty don't. Ten years after leaving my hometown for university, I know now that I will never go…

Why The Gender Pay Gap Is A Societal Problem, Not A Women's Issue

By Carla McCormack
In the United Kingdom, the gender pay gap currently stands at 19.1 percent, and in the United States, women earned only 77 cents for every dollar men made in 2014. We know women are more likely than men to hold low-paying jobs, with 25 percent of…

Why We Need To Be Less Concerned With What People Do For A Living

By Carla McCormack
A recent report by Oxfam found that the five richest families in Britain owned the same wealth as the combined bottom 20 percent of the world population. People are struggling, and unless you are at the wealthiest end of society, you have probably…

Mo Mowlam: A Women's History Month Hero For All To Admire

By Carla McCormack
This Women’s History Month, I remember Mo Mowlam: someone who will always be a hero to me. Many people reading this will not know whom Mo Mowlam is. She was born in England in 1949 and was a political lecturer in the United States in the 70s. She…