Candice Walsh


Candice is a Canadian writer & travel blogger at currently living in Berlin. Her passions are alternative travel, literature, adventure, and humanitarian issues. She has a BA in English & a diploma in professional writing.

Why Traveling In The Winter Is The Best Time To Vacation

By Candice Walsh
Here's a little advice for all of you busy working bees out there: Stop using up all your vacation time on summer holidays. Summer has all the right vibes. The sun is out, people are happy and there's a never-ending stream of things to do. But…

6 Organizations You Should Donate To If You Want To Help Syrian Refugees

By Candice Walsh
I moved to Berlin a few weeks before little Alan Kurdi's body washed ashore, and before all hell broke loose over the refugee crisis. Germany has been bearing a good deal of this. Despite what the media tells us, it's not a war zone here. Life goes…

6 Reasons Millennials Are Dropping Full-Time Gigs To Work Remotely

By Candice Walsh
Digital nomads are on the rise. We've got mad organizational skills, we know our way around technology and we know how to get things done in really cool places. Working remotely is nothing new, but in recent years, it has become easier than ever to…

4 Types Of People You Can Meet On Tinder Aside From A Hook-Up Buddy

By Candice Walsh
I’ve had a love-hate relationship with Tinder since I started using it about two years ago (aka, I’m still single). Navigating the waters of dating apps can be tricky. I’ve used a handful of different apps, but I always come back to Tinder. Although…

6 Reasons You Should Skip Your Eurotrip And Head To The Balkans

By Candice Walsh
I came to Bosnia and Herzegovina by accident. Well, not entirely. But, I hadn’t meant to spend any time there while I was traveling around the Balkans last year. Then, I won a week-long, small, guided tour via Facebook. I’ve been hooked ever…