Candice Jalili

Candice Jalili is the Senior Sex + Dating Writer at Elite Daily. Her first book, JUST SEND THE TEXT, a guide to letting go of your dating anxiety by embracing your most authentic self, will be out February 2021. You can also find her regularly writing for Cosmopolitan, TIME, Tinder SwipeLife, The Cut, and more. Dwayne The Rock Johnson once tweeted about one of her articles, but that’s neither here nor there. Read more of her work at and definitely shoot her an Insta follow at @candicejalili. When Candice isn’t writing about ghosting and toxic exes, she’s usually binging standup on Netflix with her boyfriend, forcing her parents to FaceTime her for way longer than they feel like FaceTiming her, or trying to perfect the human pyramid with her best friends (more on that when you shoot her that Insta follow).

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