Camille Antonette


Camille Antonette currently works as a Writer at the number one Telecommunication company in the Philippines (Globe Telecom). She also writes for Thought Catalog, distributed her music "You Are The Reason" worldwide pioneering an indie label, a photographer's muse, and a frustrated artist who hasn't gave her sketching talent a break. She also aspires to become a lawyer someday. Check more of her works at Follow her on Twitter/IG: camilleann29

5 Reasons You Should Befriend The Girl Whose Heart Your Ex Also Broke

By Camille Antonette
It has been a while since I last wrote an article. I thought I was running out of inspiration or things to write about. That is, until I read a trending topics email from Elite Daily. It had something to do with "what it feels like to meet your ex's…

Signs Your Immaturity Is Stopping Your Relationship From Getting Serious

By Camille Antonette
A little while ago, I went out with some former college friends to have some drinks after not seeing each other for two years. We were laughing about everything, until I noticed my friend Stacy* was texting someone with her own name. “Hey, why are…

10 Things You Need To Know About The Girl You Call ‘The Other Woman'

By Camille Antonette
Usually, relationships only consist of two people. But at some point in many of our lives, we cheat on our partners because of boredom, unhappiness or even a lack of “spice.” Often, we are also the ones who get cheated on. Whether or not we give our…

The Psychology Behind Why Being Unfriended Is So Insulting For Gen-Y

By Camille Antonette
We all have the inborn desire to be recognized because we think it validates our existence. We have the urge to share our achievements with everyone to gather praise and applause from others. Facebook is a social networking site that makes it easy…

4 Ways To Deal With Your Ex Still Wanting To Be Friends

By Camille Antonette
We all know moving on is hard, especially if he remains or demands to be friends with you right after the breakup. Sure, it’s a “mature” thing to do. But why would you not take the time to move on first? If he insists on being friends with you and…