Camile Sardina


Camile Sardina is a freelance writer living in New York City who is fascinated by all things lifestyle, business, culture, music and dance. Follow her on Twitter @camilesardina or Instagram @sardinac.

6 Telltale Signs You Could Be More Stressed Than You Think

By Camile Sardina
It is no surprise that many people in the US are still experiencing "post-election stress disorder" and specifically, "post-Trump stress disorder." And if that wasn't enough, we also have to simultaneously deal with everyday life, such as work,…

Your Phone Is Giving You Neck Pain, So Here's How To Fix It

By Camile Sardina
If you've been experiencing a lot of pain in your neck, you're not alone. In general, plenty of people are experiencing sore necks because of constant texting and scrolling through Instagram. Thanks to our constant downward gaze, our necks are bent…

What Workouts To Try When You Need A Break From Your Fitness Routine

By Camile Sardina
Ever heard a story about experienced runners having a hip dislocate on a long run? Beginner fitness goers pulling muscles for choosing a demanding workout? Weight lifting lovers getting hunchbacks from solely lifting weights at the gym? While we all…

6 Ways To Clear Your Mind That Don't Involve Meditating

By Camile Sardina
We’ll try just about anything to get rid of those black holes in our minds: long runs, meditation, music, sleeping to sounds of rain, spiritual retreats, drowning our sorrows in food or alcohol, you name it. Whether we realize it or not, the single…

10 Sex Fears That May Be Preventing You From Actually Enjoying Sex

By Camile Sardina
Aside from the folktale about the penis masticating vagina, "Teeth," the real world has its more- to lesser-known reasons as to why humans might have a fear to fornicate. On the scale of Marvin Gaye to Morrissey, Americans are singing the high notes…

5 Ways Millennials Are Transforming The Big City Restaurant Scene

By Camile Sardina
One year ago, I became an official member of the Big City Movement. The Big City Movement is when fresh graduates, career changers or life adventurers pack their bags, leave their hometowns and move to a big city in order to satisfy their need for…

3 Industries That Are Booming With Job Opportunities Right Now

By Camile Sardina
To all the job-hungry hopefuls, here’s something to snack on: According to a Bureau of Labor Statistics report issued March 6, employment rose by 295,500 in February, which beat the average monthly gain of 266,000 throughout the previous 12…

Save The Roast For Grinches: 10 Reasons To Go Vegan This Holiday Season

By Camile Sardina
Before I get into how I eliminated meat and dairy from my diet, I need to be honest with you: I am wildly salivating for a crispy chicken and bacon sandwich smothered in cheddar cheese. But, then, I remember, these carnivorous cravings are normal…