Caitlin St John


Caitlin is a native of eastern Long Island now working in Manhattan. She loves good conversation and great people. When she isn't trying out a local food spot in Astoria, you'll find her grabbing a beer and making her way to the dance floor. Insta: crstjohn

Don't Be 'That Girl': 4 Situations All Women Should Try To Avoid

By Caitlin St John
“You heard what ‘that girl' did this past weekend, right?” “Did you see 'that girl' last night? She was so embarrassing.” Nobody ever wants to be "that girl." We've shaken our heads at her, and we’ve rolled our eyes when we heard what she did. We…

The Message In The Bottle: What We Should Learn From Poor Drinking Decisions

By Caitlin St John
Nearly four years of college have translated into a lot of empty beer cans and liquor bottles. Along with these empties have come meaningful lessons. All too often, drunken nights gone wrong are shoved into the depths of our memories. Maybe the…

The True Symptom Of A Bad Relationship Is When Your Friends Notice

By Caitlin St John
Most of us have been in bad relationships. Sometimes we choose to reflect on past relationships as being bad, solely because it didn’t work out. Maybe you have never experienced a bad relationship. Regardless, I’m sure you’ve seen the effects of one…

Be Independent And Marry Later: Why You Shouldn't Be A Housewife In Your 20s

By Caitlin St John
If you’re anything like me, your most unforgettable college moments happened outside of the classroom — save a few exceptions. During my junior year, I took a global studies course to fulfill a requirement. There were about 30 students in the class…

A Response: Why You Shouldn't Have Sex On The First Date

By Caitlin St John
I was recently scrolling through my newsfeed when I came across a post that caught my eye. Maybe it was the sexy, seductive-looking woman in the picture, or maybe it was just the title that grabbed my attention. Regardless, I wanted to read more. I…