Brynn Mosello


Currently working in Princeton, NJ. My hobbies include singing, drawing, eating everything, people watching, making people laugh, and making boys cry. I have super powers.

7 Signs You're Giving Up And Settling In Your Relationship

By Brynn Mosello
After many failed relationship attempts, I started to think that maybe I've been a little too picky in terms of dating. I had been in relationships with several great and good looking guys, who all had plenty of wonderful qualities. I was reminded…

Why The Key To Getting Over A Relationship Is To Stop Looking For Closure

By Brynn Mosello
In a perfect storybook world, everything thing has a beginning, a middle and an end. You begin one chapter feeling like something wonderful is coming, and once that chapter has concluded, you move on to the next one with a feeling of excitement for…

Why It's Not The Worst Thing In The World To Drift From Your College Friends

By Brynn Mosello
Graduating college can be terrifying. Some might even say it's the beginning of "real" adulthood. One of the realities I came to face when I transitioned from college student to nine-to-fiver was that I was no longer surrounded by people close to my…

5 Things To Ask Yourself Before You Text Him In The Middle Of The Night

By Brynn Mosello
It's midnight. You're wide awake and your phone is on your bed side table tempting you with its silent stare. It's been hours, days, weeks or even months since you heard from "that person." You can't help but wonder if they are awake, thinking about…

If Your SO Plays Any Of These 6 Games, It's Time To End The Relationship

By Brynn Mosello
When games are played in a relationship, they should be ones that are fun for everyone involved. If things are getting a little too stale and serious for you and your SO, then I would suggest adding some Monopoly into the mix. But certain games that…

How To Realize It's Time To Stop Working On Your Relationship

By Brynn Mosello
Life is full of challenges. In relationships, you are going to be met with ones that you don't expect. You will have the choice to either get through them or run away from them. The couples who get through problems usually have the benefit of…

How To Be Sensitive To Your Ex When You Begin A New Relationship

By Brynn Mosello
Breakups are a lot like mono. They can leave you feeling tired and weak for weeks or months. Although the disease goes away on its own over time, lots of rest and good self-care can help you feel better. Once you are over the disease, the symptoms…

6 Ways To Make Sure You And Your SO Get Back Together After A Break

By Brynn Mosello
My ex and I went through some pretty detrimental stuff after our relationship ended. Things took a dramatic turn in the last few months we were together, and it seemed like every time we saw each other, we were tormented by stress, fear and anger.…

5 Ways To Keep Your Cool If You're Terrified Of Seeing An Ex After A Breakup

By Brynn Mosello
If I had a dollar for every time I ran into an ex after a breakup and ended up making myself look like a total psychopath, I would be retired and living in Cabo to avoid any future interactions with the human race. But here I am, not rich, not in…