Brooklynn Kerns


An aspiring writer who's chunky yet funky. A fine collector of celebrity autobiographies and books she'll probably never read. A proud BGSU student and an even prouder of the fact that she did her dishes twice in one week.

Lessons My Ex-Boyfriend Taught Me That Made Me Glad I Broke Up With Him

By Brooklynn Kerns
To the unabashedly sinister human who split my heart in two, AKA my ex-boyfriend. I hope you're well. I hope life is working out the way you wanted it to. I hope you found someone new, but know that your new conquest will never come close to me. No…

How I Slowly Began My Grieving Process After My Brother's Death

By Brooklynn Kerns
Unfortunate instances occur in life. You lose your grandmother's diamond earrings, your dog runs away or your alarm doesn't go off on your first day of work. Or, more serious instances occur. You lose your grandmother to an illness, your dog never…

It's Not The End Of Your Relationship Just Because You Stopped Having Sex

By Brooklynn Kerns
My boyfriend and I have been together for a little over a year now, and we just recently moved in together... with my parents. But hey, we're saving some sweet, sweet dough, y'all. We've had a glorious time making cuddling a nightly event and…

16 Celebrity Memoirs That Are Perfect To Read Over Winter Break

By Brooklynn Kerns
Collecting celebrity memoirs has always been a hobby of mine. Half of my book collection consists of these memoirs, and I’ve only gotten around to reading a handful of them. It happens. Winter break is my reading jam, for real. It’s cold, snowing…

Weep, Sleep, Repeat: 5 Reasons I Secretly Love Crying

By Brooklynn Kerns
Some people can’t handle it when others cry. They panic and end up doing one of those “there, there” pats. Or, they overcompensate and try to make it better as they coo, “Shh, don’t cry.” Some people see sadness as an awful emotion to feel and…