Brittany Wright


Brittany is a writer who keeps busy by eating cheese fries and trying to think of excuses to get out of exercising. Follow her on Instagram b_wright_4

Wanting A Relationship Doesn't Make You Crazy, It Makes You Human

By Brittany Wright
I've never had the desire to be in a relationship. It's just not something I thought would be my cup of tea. When I think of my future life, I've always seen myself with a group of friends, my family, a puppy and stories from around the world of all…

'Finding Yourself' Is The Most Overrated Thing You Can Do As A 20-Something

By Brittany Wright
The art of finding oneself is talked about immensely. It's tremendously overestimated. Google anything along the lines of finding yourself, and you'll probably be able to read for years. Personal stories — such as this one — narrated by young adults…

8 Civil Rights Movement Leaders Who Paved The Way For Feminism

By Brittany Wright
Before Taylor Swift's girl squad even existed, there was the OG girl squad. This girl squad was made up of a group of women who were pioneers in the Civil Rights Movement. They were #GirlBosses, and they stood up for both themselves and the greater…

I'm A F*ckgirl: Why I Decided To Follow The F*ckboy Mentality

By Brittany Wright
There’s no better time to do some soul-searching or self-discovery than in the middle of the night, four hours before you have to get up for work. As I lay in bed and tuned out Netflix while trying to fall asleep, I received some booty call texts…

4 Reasons 'Grey's Anatomy' Is Truly The Best Show On Television

By Brittany Wright
For 12 seasons, we have followed the lives of the fabulous doctors of the Seattle Grace turned Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital. We have been there through death, love, heartbreak and happiness. We mourned the deaths and cherished the good times. We…

6 Ways Aries Prove There Is Nothing More Attractive Than Confidence

By Brittany Wright
Everyone knows Aries men and women are a magnificent bunch of people who have enough confidence for the entire world. We exude fabulousness and coolness thanks to a few specific traits that — you know, being the first astrological sign and all — we…

Auf Wiedersehen! 8 Ways Germany Defied All Of My Expectations

By Brittany Wright
Last year, I was fortunate enough to travel to Europe and explore Germany, London and Paris. When I first found out about the opportunity, I was least excited about Germany, but not because I thought it would suck. I had this idea of Germany in my…

7 Lessons I Learned From Watching Shonda Rhimes' Leading Ladies

By Brittany Wright
We can save our money. There's no need for self-help books or expensive therapy sessions when we have every life lesson we could ever need coming straight from our televisions every Thursday night. Thanks to Shonda Rhimes and the brilliant actresses…

She Proved You Can Have It All: Why I Admire My Career-Driven Mom

By Brittany Wright
Since the beginning of time, moms were the caretakers of the home and the children while husbands were the moneymakers. Mom would wake the kids up and hurry them off to school, but not before she made Dad his morning coffee and bagged John's and…