Brittany Burgunder


Brittany Burgunder is a passionate mental health advocate. After experiencing her own journey of personal struggles, she has now turned them into her strength and looks to inspire others to do the same. She is the author of “Safety in Numbers: From 56 to 221 Pounds, My Battle with Eating Disorders –A Memoir," available on Amazon, and is currently working on the sequel. When she’s not helping others, you’ll find her riding horses, playing tennis, or smiling with her Golden Retrievers. You can connect with Brittany on Instagram: @brittanyburgunder and her website:

13 Lies About Eating Disorders That Almost Stopped Me From Reaching Recovery

By Brittany Burgunder
Too many people believe that losing weight will take care of all their problems. Unfortunately, they equate the notion of “skinny” with happiness and being “perfect,” which is a dangerous connection to make. Although not everyone who diets will…

12 Things You Shouldn't Say To People Recovering From Eating Disorders

By Brittany Burgunder
From my personal experience, I can tell you that recovering from an eating disorder is a full-time job. Day in and day out, it takes a tremendous amount of mental, emotional and physical effort to fight the familiar ways of living and make the…

Anorexia, Bulimia And Binging: How I Went From 56 To 221 Pounds

By Brittany Burgunder
At the beginning of 2009, it looked as though I had finally lost my seven-year battle with anorexia and exercise addiction. I had become so sick, I had been asked to leave in the middle of my freshman year of college. I wasn’t allowed back until I…

How To Face The 10 Fears Of Seeking Treatment For An Eating Disorder

By Brittany Burgunder
I can remember the panic all too well when I decided to go into treatment for my eating disorder and face my fears about recovery. People are at different stages in their journeys. Some of you may have already had treatment in various forms and…

How I Turned My Pain Into Power And Took Back Control Of My Life

By Brittany Burgunder
I was once similar to many little girls. I loved horses, Beanie Babies, flowing dresses, ruby red slippers and rainbow sprinkles. I watched Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel, and I thought I had an idea about how the world was supposed to work. For…

10 Reasons Weight Loss Shouldn't Be The Focus Of Your Wedding Day

By Brittany Burgunder
Many women dream about their perfect wedding day. The media floods our minds with images of fairytale weddings on magazine racks, TV shows, movies and Pinterest. And who doesn’t want a wonderful experience on such a special day? A wedding should be…

11 Myths About Eating Disorders, Debunked By Someone Who Lived It

By Brittany Burgunder
During the summer, most individuals feel the pressure to slim down to what's considered "beach body ready." Unfortunately, some of these people may cross over the line of healthy dieting and exercise and develop an eating disorder. Eating disorders…