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Growing Apart From Your BFF Can Change All Your Relationships For The Better

By Brianna Shaw
When you have a best friend, you can't imagine anything ever changing between the two of you. You share everything. Alright, maybe not everything. But close enough. They're not afraid to tell you their deepest and darkest secrets, and you're not…

This Is Why Loaning Money To Your Significant Other Is Never A Good Idea

By Brianna Shaw
Money: It might be one of the most complex, man-made, things that exists. Having money can cause happiness, while lack of it can cause incredible misery. If you're anything like me, sometimes your money just disappears. Before you even had the…

If You're Doing These 7 Things, You're Finally Over Your Ex

By Brianna Shaw
If you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best. — Marilyn Monroe This is what my boyfriend used to say to me and I know he was completely right. It's a bit dramatic but still right. If someone cannot deal with you on bad days,…

3 Surprising Things That Happen To Your Wardrobe When You Shop Consciously

By Brianna Shaw
As a relatively wealthy (read “student broke”) western woman, I can look at my over-full, exploding closet and still say “I have nothing to wear." If you're a woman, chances are, you recognize this statement. That moment you realize there's a party…

Why Cuddling Plays A Powerful Role In Relationships, According To Science

By Brianna Shaw
Some people absolutely hate both the thought of cuddling and the actual act of it. It just feels like a nightmare. They view it as way too personal, emotional and a little gross. They appreciate their private space more than you can imagine. If you…

Why I've Never Had A One-Night Stand At The Height Of Hook-Up Culture

By Brianna Shaw
I have a few friends who always tell me I don't know what I'm missing when it comes to one-night stands.  They tell me one-night stands are full of passion and lust. They say there's no better feeling than hooking up with a rando. Besides the fact…

5 Things We Do That Seriously F*ck Up Our Female Friendships

By Brianna Shaw
Friends keep the world spinning, and we are all aware a good friendship is worth everything. If you're not aware, wake the f*ck up because they are. Having someone who will take a bullet for you is the most comforting thought you can have on both…

3 Ways To Cut Down Your Use Of Plastic Without Making Huge Lifestyle Changes

By Brianna Shaw
Not too long ago, I did not think about much. I mean, I thought about my family, my friends, my future, my career, my love interest(s) and my way of doing things, but there wasn't much outside that "me" spectrum I paid attention to. This meant I…

The Unique Pain Of Falling Out Of Love When You Live With Your Partner

By Brianna Shaw
We all know that falling in love feels like pure f*cking magic. There is no feeling quite like that (good) knot you have in your stomach when you're starting to fall in love with someone. The bubble you live in couldn't be any pinker, and the rainy…