Brianna Chavira


My name is Brianna Alyse Chavira and I am currently a student at Mission College working on a bachelor's degree in the Social Sciences with a minor in Child Development. I also work full time as a Site Director for an extended day program at an elementary school through Santa Clara Unified School District. My passions include writing, reading, boxing, hiking, and learning new things daily. Life is too short, don't waste it thinking about the future. I like to live my life in the right NOW.

9 Things To Do On Your Birthday Instead Of Getting Wasted

By Brianna Chavira and Alexa Mellardo
Why is it that celebrating a birthday, a promotion or anything you’re proud of means going to the bars and getting f*cked up? In all honesty, this is the precise reason why I hate my birthday. Every year, I get nauseous even thinking about…

10 Reasons Choosing The Funny Guy Will Give You A Lasting Relationship

By Brianna Chavira
I guarantee you there have been a few moments in your life when you've been feeling more than one person, and so you made that awful pros and cons list to compare the two. Sorry, guys, but women do this all the time. We get lunch with friends, and…

14 Types Of People You Should Definitely Drop From Your Life This Year

By Brianna Chavira
As we entered the new year, we all made resolutions for better diets, more exercise, stronger career goals, saving more money, being nicer to our parents and so on. But, people often overlook the most important thing to worry about: the people you…

We're Undeniable: 7 Real Reasons Why West Coast Girls Are The Best

By Brianna Chavira
I know we have all heard this argument before. Between the West Coast and the East Coast, which one is better? There are desirable things in both coasts, but as a born-and-bred Cali girl who has visited the East Coast and has friends from there, I…

Alone, But Not Forever: 7 Reasons I Love Being Single In My 20s

By Brianna Chavira
As I navigate through my 20s as a single woman in a large pool of other single men, I have become harshly aware that single life is just so much more fun than the alternative scenario. And I am not one of those horrible cynics who sh*ts on love…

Drinking, Dating And Dipping Out: What College Really Taught Me

By Brianna Chavira
We have all seen those memes depicting what high school or college didn't teach us: how to pay my taxes, how to mortgage a house, how to set up a 401k, how to vote, what political parties are, how to balance a checkbook, how to pay off loans after…