Brianna Arps

In short, Brianna Arps is a self-proclaimed beauty whisperer and wellness advocate who enjoys dishing on all the latest trends, tips, and tricks. She shamelessly owns over a 100 lipsticks and once wore a sheet mask around NYC, proving there's always time to glow on-the-go.

Recent Articles

I Low-Key Tried Every Foundation at Sephora & These Are The Most Shade Inclusive Lines

Makeup has always been super fascinating to me. Growing up, I spent countless hours flipping through magazines such as Seventeen and Cosmopolitan eager to learn every. single. thing. there was to know about the subject, especially the best foundation…
By Brianna Arps

I Wore A Wig Named "Lola" For A Year & You Need To Know What It Did To My Hair

Everyone has a hair journey and a unique story to tell. While some of these personal anecdotes might be more straightforward than others, mine just so happens to tip the scale on complicated. My kinky-curly natural hair and I have been through a lot …
By Brianna Arps

How To Shop At Sephora & Not Lose Every Penny You Have To Your Name

Whenever I imagine Sephora, a brightly lit beauty wonderland with designer fragrances wafting and energetic employees pulsating, I feel uneasy. To clarify, I actually feel like Rabbit at the beginning of 8 Mile, excited but anxious at the prospect of…
By Brianna Arps