Briana Luca

Briana is a contributing writer based in New York City. She graduated from Iona College in 2014 with a degree in journalism. She is a social media coordinator, freelance writer, and blogger, running her own lifestyle blog Royally Pink, since 2012. Kate Spade, coffee, beauty are her vices.

Derek Jeter Will Always Be My Connection To The Father I Lost

I'm not a huge sports fanatic. I grew up around sports because of my family -- I played a little softball and basketball and I attended Yankee games. I enjoyed sports the way most young girls enjoyed sports: to impress the boys at school or because y…
By Briana Luca

If Starting Your First Job Makes You Nervous, Here's Why You Shouldn't Worry

Congratulations: You got your first job. You graduated from college, completed several internships, searched for your first job, aced the interview and got the offer. You made it. You've learned a lot already but you are about to embark on a journey …
By Briana Luca

Here's How To Deal If You're Stuck In A Classic 'Aidan Or Big?' Situation

In life you are one of two choices: You're a Jackie or a Marilyn; a Britney or a Christina; a Selena or a Miley; a Barney or a Ted. The lists go on and on. Picking between these personalities can tell a lot about what kind of person you are. If you'r…
By Briana Luca

Greek Life Isn't The Problem, The People Are The Problem

For the past few months, the world has been bombarded with stories about the dangers of fraternities (and sororities), whether it’s a campus rape scandal or a story about a hazing death. Rape and sexual assault are never topics to joke about or make …
By Briana Luca