Briana Bell


She's a wanderer of the world, lover of nature, avid foodie, ridiculous jokester, and passionate writer turned Int'l Business Student. She writes to enrich, heal, and show that life is absolutely beautiful.

9 Things To Consider Before Starting Your Own Business Without An MBA

By Briana Bell
A lot of us are unaware that most business owners do not have MBAs. Those successful business owners simply jumped into the business world, blind and not knowing what to expect. Fortunately, starting your own business doesn't mean you have to have…

9 Hacks That Will Save Your Life When You're Finally Moving Out

By Briana Bell
It's the New Year, and some of us may have recently graduated or are looking to move as a fresh start in 2015. These tricks will help you on your journey to your new place. Be ahead of the game with these hacks that will give you piece of mind and…

Why Putting On A Rough Exterior Won't Make Your Emotions Go Away

By Briana Bell
Looking for eternal happiness is a trap in itself. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results? It is insanity and something that is unattainable. The human experience offers a wide range of emotions, and choosing to…

Why It's Important To Express Both Your Masculine And Feminine Side

By Briana Bell
We all have both masculine and feminine components. Some choose to express one more than the other, but I feel that it is good to express and experience both sides, regardless of what society tells you. I have gone through bouts of being a tomboy…

How To Discover Your True Passion And Make It Your Life's Work

By Briana Bell
People who are passionate about what they do tend to put all of their heart, effort, body and soul into their projects, like dancing, singing, writing and acting. It is generally easy to spot people who do such work, simply because it appeals to…

Why We Need To Focus On Our Similarities Rather Than Differences

By Briana Bell
New York is a microcosm of a diverse and harmonious community. There are millions of people who reign from different countries, speak different languages and have different skin tones. This is what life is supposed to be — living harmoniously with…

Don't Be A Spectator: Why The World's Problems Should Inspire You To Take Action

By Briana Bell
The only time people actually wish they knew nothing is when they know too much. The least informed people may seem to not have a care in the world. It may seem their realm of life will never coincide with certain issues or harsh realities because…

Why This Generation Needs To Cease Valuing Materialism Over Individuality

By Briana Bell
Why are we taught that having the most "things" will yield the most happiness? Obviously, this isn't true, as many fortunate people are severely unhappy. But, why is this? Why do we place such a high value on items? I mean, ultimately, they're just…