Brently Rousset


I attended college at the University of California, Santa Barbara where I developed my passion for writing. I love to eat, write, exercise, hike, mountain bike, and travel. Gym is life. Writing is life. Cookies are life.

Survive The Holidays With No-Bake, Chocolate Almond Protein Truffles

By Brently Rousset
The fall season can sometimes corner us into bad habits. It’s a time filled with holidays and celebrations focused on eating copious amounts of food, candy and desserts. Whether it’s the office bowl of candy sitting near your desk at work for…

5 Reasons You Should Avoid Going Home On Thanksgiving Eve At All Costs

By Brently Rousset
Hands down, the best Thursday of the year is Thanksgiving Day. You have turkey, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie and football, and it's one of the few social gatherings where it’s acceptable to do a wardrobe change mid-meal from your jeans to…

4 Things That Changed When I Stopped Drinking Like A College Freshman

By Brently Rousset
Once you graduate from college, it’s important to break out of your typical undergrad tendencies. You want to get a secure, full-time job, so you don’t have to eat Ramen Bolognese anymore. You want to have enough money to pay your cable bill, so you…

Burn The Rule Book: 4 Reasons To Kiss Dating Guidelines Goodbye

By Brently Rousset
With any type of game comes a particular set of rules. Rules are put in place to reach an end goal of winning. Without a structure in place, there would be no winner or loser. Unfortunately, the act of dating has somehow become a game, one that's…

4 Alternatives To Celebrate National Cheeseburger Day The Healthy Way

By Brently Rousset
In my opinion, nothing screams "America" like a good, old-fashioned cheeseburger. If the United States were to ever remake the flag, they would add two things: a bald eagle and a cheeseburger. You can get a cheeseburger within a half-mile radius of…

Pizza Or Burrito? The Timeline Of A Drunken Decision

By Brently Rousset
The drunchies, the combination of the word of "drunk" and "munchies," is an extremely powerful force. It's almost unstoppable at times, and it enters your life after beer number four or martini number three. It's like a crazy ex-girlfriend; it just…

Don't Sweat: 6 Ways Getting Active Will Help Improve Your Dating Life

By Brently Rousset
You know those classic rom-com scenes where the woman is taking her morning run through the park, and she just happens to trip over herself and fall into the shirtless, good-looking dude who is also out in the park for his morning run? Just think;…

Why A College Relationship Really Isn't Worth The Long-Term Commitment

By Brently Rousset
If you had the opportunity to attend a university after graduating from high school, then you understand the infinite independence that encompasses the college experience. You're away from home for the first time. You're living with a complete…