Brenann Couturier


Brenann has a Masters in Clinical Psychology and is an alumnus of The University of Michigan (Go Blue!) She has an interest in studying relationships, is an avid runner and a hot yoga enthusiast who is obsessed with her dogs and macarons. Check out her brand new blog of everything in her head

Why You Can't Help But Fight With Your SO Before Spending Time Apart

By Brenann Couturier
With summer ending and many relationships on the brink of becoming long-distance, you'll notice a shift in the air. College students are going back to school, internships are ending and new jobs are beginning. There's about to be a bunch of unhappy…

7 Ways You Can Be A Better Listener To A Friend Going Through A Crisis

By Brenann Couturier
Since the ripe old age of 12, I have always been the person my friends come to with problems. When a significant other is mistreating them, when their mother just cannot understand or their long trusted friend has become distant, people come running…

Don't Let Dating Apps Ruin The Romantic Novelty Of A Summer Fling

By Brenann Couturier
When I was in middle school, I remember hearing this idea of having a “summer fling.” Obviously, it meant nothing to me at the time because the idea of dating when you're 12 just means that you have some sappy status about your SO in your AIM away…

5 Reasons To Finally Give Therapy A Try If You've Been Thinking About It

By Brenann Couturier
I am a walking contradiction. I have a therapist license, and yet I have been (and am currently going through) my own therapy. This is something I've heard from dozens of my colleagues, and I am here to tell you that everyone and their mother needs…

How Going Out With An Older Man Changed My Perspective On Dating

By Brenann Couturier
"How much older would you date?" "How much younger is cougar-ish?" I've heard these questions thrown around my different groups of girlfriends. In committed relationships or not, age seems to play an important role in determining if someone can come…

7 Ways To Understand Why So Many Millennials Can't Deal With Change

By Brenann Couturier
There are times during your 20s when you think you're drowning. You feel like you literally can't breathe, and you try to come above the water to gasp for air. It's particularly difficult to ascertain who you are when not one aspect of your life…