Brandon Ochoa


Having just graduated from university, Brandon has found employment and is using this experience to prepare himself to launch a remote online business in the future. Learn more about him at or follow him on instagram @brandonxochoa

Why Athletes Are More Successful When It Comes To Business

By Brandon Ochoa
When it comes to business, most people have one end goal in mind: win. Winning means something different to each person, whether it be to reach the top 1 percent in an industry, perform at a higher level than coworkers or simply to be a leader to…

6 Ways To Make Moves On Your Dream Of Becoming An Entrepreneur

By Brandon Ochoa
A bad entrepreneur talks about being in business; a good entrepreneur is actively developing multiple projects. A great entrepreneur? A great entrepreneur is the master of the craft and worries about the main project before getting too involved with…

Become Your Own Superhero: 3 Ways To Reach Success As An Entrepreneur

By Brandon Ochoa
As entrepreneurs, we tend to look up to successful individuals who have paved the way. After all, they have achieved what we haven't, and they do things that inspire us. I'm here to tell you that it's great to have role models from which you find…

Why Entrepreneurs Need To Be More Selfish With Their Time

By Brandon Ochoa
The best thing you can do as an entrepreneur is to be selfish. Invest in yourself. Say "no" more than you say "yes." Why? If you are constantly letting the world control how you spend your time, you'll soon find you won't have any time to do the…

Recognizing The Glue Between Success And Happiness Is The Key To Life

By Brandon Ochoa
When I started my website, I sought to help people accomplish their goals. I strongly believe that through personal development, you can achieve career success and through those together, you can find happiness. After writing about what steps people…

We Are What We Make Of Ourselves: Why I Took Action With My Life

By Brandon Ochoa
Every day we live our lives knowing that there is more out there for us, and occasionally we have the realization that we are the masters of our own destiny. Then we turn on Netflix and that burst of ambition goes soaring out the window. We revel at…

Why Millennials Are Rightfully Entitled In Today's Workforce

By Brandon Ochoa
With graduation right around the corner, many recent college grads will serve as a statistical inflation of the unemployment force. Many employers will see Millennials as lazy, entitled bastards who made it through college because that is the new…

From Faking It To Making It: How Your Mindset Is Holding You Back From Greatness

By Brandon Ochoa
As a young entrepreneur, life can be stressful. Oftentimes, you’ll find yourself prioritizing between school, work and fitting in. In most cases, it’s fitting in that seems to be the most difficult to see through. While colleagues are out getting…