Bradley Walker


Brad graduated from the University of South Florida in 2012 with a degree in public relations and is a social media coordinator at the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. His two cats are the loves of his life, along with his girlfriend.

9 Ways A Good Netflix Binge Can Make Your Relationship Stronger

By Bradley Walker
Nothing says "I love you" like a weekend with no plans and access to your parent's Netflix account. Some couples like working out together, other couples may enjoy hitting the bars on a Friday night, attending a sporting event or checking out a…

Money Isn't Power: 7 Life Lessons Learned From 'House Of Cards'

By Bradley Walker
"House of Cards" is much more than a gritty, captivating political drama. On the surface, it's a show immersed in lies, deception, sex, power, manipulation and greed, but dive a little deeper and you will start to realize the ways this show can help…

7 Ways Your Social Life Is Bound To Change After College Graduation

By Bradley Walker
I never thought I would become that guy. The guy who leaves a party at 11 pm because the new season of "House of Cards" was recently added to Netflix. The guy who requires at least eight hours of sleep to prepare for a big Saturday at IKEA. The guy…

10 Reasons Why Netflix Is And Always Will Be Better Than Sex

By Bradley Walker
If you're a virgin reading this article, I likely won't have to do much convincing. Netflix is a service that has filled a major void in my life, and that void is not sex. I'm having plenty of that, but not enough Netflix, in my honest opinion. I'm…

5 Things Young Couples Should Do Before Considering Saying 'I Do'

By Bradley Walker
"I just married my best friend!" exclaimed an acquaintance on Facebook I vaguely remember from a distant college party I wish I'd forgotten. I take a quick peek at the profile only to discover that this person has been dating said “best friend” for…