Beth Leipholtz

Beth is a Minnesotan girl, navigating sobriety in her early 20s. She writes often, and about an array of topics. She graduated from the College of Saint Benedict with a degree in Communication and currently interns at Mpls.St.Paul Magazine. Follow her at "el9292" on Twitter and Instagram. Personal blog:

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5 Things We Subconsciously Allow Instagram To Warp Our Perceptions Of

We've all been there: scrolling aimlessly through Instagram to pass the time when we come across someone who seems to have it all. This person has the body, the guy, the money and the career. It's hard not to be jealous sometimes. But what we don't s…
By Beth Leipholtz

They Never Mean To Hurt You: 5 Things To Know Before Dating An Addict

Everyone knows Khloé Kardashian and Lamar Odom have been making headlines lately, and not for the best reasons. Earlier this month, Odom overdosed on a number of drugs and was found unconscious in a brothel in Nevada. Against the odds, Odom came out …
By Beth Leipholtz

7 Things You Realize During The Month After Graduation

Today marks exactly one month since I donned that hard-earned cap and gown, managed not to trip on stage while shaking hands with my school's president and accepted my diploma. (I did forget to switch my tassel as I walked offstage, but hey, minor de…
By Beth Leipholtz

9 Signs You're Finally In A Mature, Adult Relationship

Media dictates so much in today’s world — including relationships. Whether portraying unrequited love, forbidden love or passionate love, the media’s ideas of love all have something in common: drama. After all, drama drives the media. But, guess wha…
By Beth Leipholtz