Belyn Lai

Based out of San Francisco, California, Belyn is a UC Irvine alum and pianist who works in tech. Check out her blog at

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How To Regain Your Confidence And Become The Best Version Of Yourself

When was the last time you felt like you weren’t where you thought you’d be in life? Maybe, the ideal life you envisioned isn’t coming to fruition, or perhaps, life’s curveballs have set you down an unexpected path. Whatever it is, these thoughts of …
By Belyn Lai

Falling In Love Is Easy — It's Staying In Love That's Hard

I’ve fallen in love twice and stayed in love once. When it happened the first time, I was naïve, emotional and idealistic, but was left extremely broken and unaware. I spent a lot of time thinking about why things didn’t work out how we had intended.…
By Belyn Lai