Becky Wells


Becky is a simple English girl who dreams of living the cosmopolitan lifestyle in the big city. Her time consists of trawling the internet for dating tips and beauty advice - both of which she's yet to master.

How An Established Partner Can Be A Lover, Friend And Role Model

By Becky Wells
I’ve always been a bit of a career bitch; I never went to university and am determined to be the rich, successful, international businesswoman I know I can be. I want my own big-city corner office, a wardrobe full of high heels in which to strut…

Why It's Okay To Enjoy The '50 Shades Of Grey' Phenomenon

By Becky Wells
There’s a plethora of reviews to cover all 50 of the shades of grey as discussed in the film. But, it’s rare I’ve read one that seems to talk about the record-breaking phenomena written by someone who wants to just enjoy the books or the films…

Why This Generation's Obsession With Selfies Isn't Really A Bad Thing

By Becky Wells
As recently discussed, our brains are trained to build confidence as we embrace the beauty in our flaws and individuality. Taking a simple photo of ourselves to capture a hairstyle, new lipstick or even just because we feel good about our…

MENstruation Education: 5 Things Dudes Need To Know About Periods

By Becky Wells
It happens once a month, every month. We are women, and we have periods. Simple as that. In school, the girls were always taken to another room to discuss the intimate actions of the womanly cycle. We were shown videos, diagrams, given free samples…

Who Needs Resolutions? 5 Keys To Making Your Own Luck In 2015

By Becky Wells
There are two types of people in this world: those who sit around, waiting for good things to happen to them and those who make sure good things will, indeed, happen to them. A prime example of this is the huge array of Facebook status updates that…

10 Things Every Woman Should Have Sorted Out Upon Entering Adult Life

By Becky Wells
At what age do you consider yourself an adult? When you finish school? When you have a job? When you have a mortgage? When you’re 18 or 21? Nowadays, age is a relatively small indication of how mature and "grown up" we are in the world. While some…

10 Things Men Should Know Before Moving In With A Woman

By Becky Wells
Ahh, you suave, romantic men, you. You’ve met the woman of your dreams, you’ve fallen head-over-heels in love, and now, you’re keen to make the bold step and ask her to move in with you. It’s a beautiful moment that will inevitably lead to many a…

Why The T-Swift 'Starbucks Lovers' Mishap Is Good PR For Both Brands

By Becky Wells
Taylor Swift, who celebrates her 25th birthday today, is currently winning the Internet with her perfectly misheard song lyric, “Starbucks lovers” in her new single, "Blank Space." While Taylor claims she’s singing, “Got a long list of ex lovers,”…