Baeley Hathaway


I'm a poet who loves to be unapologetically honest about the human condition. I love words, books, travel and enjoying this world.

4 Ways To Deal With Depression During Your Freshman Year Of College

By Baeley Hathaway
College is supposed to be the best time in a young person's life. It's the time of immense personal growth, and it's a time when lifelong friendships are made. The four years that we plan for and anticipate our whole lives are talked up to be the…

3 Traits Every Traveler Comes Home With After A Long Trip Abroad

By Baeley Hathaway
Traveling gets romanticized a lot in our generation. There are the “wanderlusts,” and the kids who are eager to get in their cars and leave their hometowns the very first day they can. There are always articles, status updates and tweets that talk…

3 Ways You Can Learn To Stop Setting Yourself Up For Disappointment

By Baeley Hathaway
Disappointment is that familiar feeling in your gut. It's that sinking feeling that makes you want to quit the day, curl up in bed and start "Grey's Anatomy" over for the fourth time, instead of being a functioning adult. I do that a lot. When…

This Is The Only Thing I Learned After Studying Love For An Entire Year

By Baeley Hathaway
Last year, I decided I was going to learn everything there is to know about love. It was almost summer, and the weather was getting warmer every day. After a string of dead-end "things" with guys throughout the previous year, I decided I was going…

3 Things I Wish Someone Told Me During My Lowest Moments

By Baeley Hathaway
When I was 16, I was a resident at an inpatient treatment program for anorexia. It was a disease that controlled my life in every aspect. I still find it shapes many decisions I make and thoughts I have about others and myself. When I had been…