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I believe in lifelong learning and personal development. My goal is to help as many people as I can build a life they're proud of.

8 Signs Of A Successful Life That Have Nothing To Do With Money Or Fame

By Ayodeji Awosika
On the path to becoming successful, you can end up chasing the wrong goals for the wrong reasons. Often goals are associated with making money or achieving a high level of status. While there's nothing wrong with wanting either of the above, you can…

Never Taking Chances Is The Worst Thing You Can Do For Your Future

By Ayodeji Awosika
The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. What is called resignation is confirmed desperation. — Henry David Thoreau My mom graduated from high school a year early. She graduated from college and got her master's degree in five years. She did…

15 Ways To Reinvent Your Life When You're Feeling A Little Hopeless

By Ayodeji Awosika
I had a 0.00 GPA in the first semester of my senior year of college. You read that right: I got Fs in every single one of my classes. I didn't bother going to class at all. I drank seven nights a week. During the day, I would smoke weed and…

10 Ways Entrepreneurs Turn Their Failures Into Motivation To Get Ahead

By Ayodeji Awosika
No amount of experimentation can prove me right. One experiment can prove me wrong. — Albert Einstein There are no surefire ways to become successful, but there are definitely some "success killers" you should avoid at all costs. Use the process of…

10 Habits Of 'Success' That Actually Stop You From Reaching Goals

By Ayodeji Awosika
Why is it so damn hard to figure out your purpose in life? You would think a world filled with options and opportunities would excite you. But sometimes, having too many options can paralyze you. You might think the following to yourself: What if I…