Aubree has a black belt in truth-telling and a Master's in Organizational Change. Her spirit animal is the Black Swan and she believes that love can change the world. If she's not drinking coffee, dancing to Beyonce and working on her memoir, she is thinking about drinking coffee, dancing to Beyonce and working on her memoir. Follow her R-Rated on Instagram: @aubree.nichols

My Past Abusive Relationship Makes It Hard For Me To Say "No" To Men

I have a below-average sized dick inside me in an above-average sized loft in SoHo. Like the sound of hands rustling around in popcorn during a movie, it's irritating, but I'm sitting through it until it's over. How did I get here again? Having sex w…

Why I'm Grateful For F*ckboys

“Whatcha working on?” I looked up and saw a young Clark Kent sitting beside me with a breakfast wrap in his mouth. “You were talking to yourself,” he said. "I guess I'm in my zone." I smiled. “I'm prepping for a workshop where I teach people how to b…

My Obsession With Smoothies Is Keeping Me Single

“Dinner?” he asks. “So glad you asked,” I say to the handsome guy I see at my gym, walking the Hudson early morning, and at the corner bodega late at night. We've been increasingly flirtatious over the past two years. But within moments, I backpedal.…