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Novelist, designer, activist, and lover of all things coffee-related. Passionate about body positivity, eating disorder recovery, individuality and the power of written word. Right now, I'm probably reading.

How Students Can Live A Vegan Lifestyle On A Broke College Budget

I've never been one of those people who responds to mention of a plant-based diet with, "But bacon is so good!” Despite this, I was skeptical about the word “vegan." The lifestyle, the political and social connotations, and the somehow inexplicable c…
By Ashlyn M

Why College Will Always Make You Feel Displaced During The Holidays

This Easter, I didn't receive a basket, participate in an egg hunt or pose for a family photo. Instead, I spent the weekend in bed with a fever, skipped church and went to lunch in heels that will never see the light of day again. It was different, b…
By Ashlyn M

What I Would Tell My Past Self After Recovering From An Eating Disorder

If I hadn’t recovered from anorexia two years ago, you would probably be the girl staring out from my reflection. I imagine that girl is quite different from the girl standing right here today. For one thing, you might be dead. Even if you weren’t, I…
By Ashlyn M