Ashley Winn

The girl who trips on her own two feet and spills coffee on herself, all while standing still. Lover of the globe, books, and sharing my thoughts.

7 Things People With Old Souls Can't Stop Questioning

Age is defined by a measurement of numbers within time. It is a number of months, a number of years, a number of days and numbers passed within seconds on a clock. It measures how long one has been alive and can help speculate how long one still has …
By Ashley Winn

Drunk Dial: Why You Shouldn't Try To Make Sense Of His Late-Night Texts

Do you ever think back to a time when men had to go through more of an effort to mess with women’s minds than they do today? When they had to write letters, instead of being able to just pick up the phone and press a contact name to talk to someone t…
By Ashley Winn