Ashley Grates


Ashley Grates is a student at St. John Fisher College perusing a B.S in Media Management. Her main goal in life is to change someone's life through her writing. Location: near the food table.

How To Tell If Your Crush Has Put You In Snapchat Purgatory

By Ashley Grates
Social media is definitely taking a toll on our lives. We switch from Facebook to Twitter to Instagram to Snapchat and back to Facebook. We have information on everyone, always. Some people argue that social media has ruined the idea of dating,…

The Real Reason Guys Automatically Assume All Girls Want A Relationship

By Ashley Grates
“He assumed I wanted a relationship when I didn’t.” “I don’t get why he thinks I want to date him.” “He said he didn’t want anything serious and stopped talking to me, but it wasn’t serious.” Ah. This is something many women deal with. As I sat in…

The Art Of Getting Screwed Over: Why We Should Retire The Dating Game

By Ashley Grates
Whether you were the one getting played or the one doing the “playing,” we've all versed in the art of getting screwed over. The worst part is you don’t realize it’s happening until after the damage is done. No matter how wise you think you might…

What Am I Doing With My Life? Why It's Okay To Be Unsure About It All

By Ashley Grates
What am I going to do when I'm older? Will I be happy? Will I meet the right person? What am I going to wear tomorrow? What do I want to eat right now? Ah, to be indecisive and unsure. You can't plan your life a year in advance because you can't…

4 Signs You're Into The Idea Of A Person More Than The Actual Person

By Ashley Grates
We've all been infatuated by someone, whether it was the guy you sat next to in your Psych 101 class or the girl you always saw at the gym. Before we even know these people, we are in love with the idea of them, who we think they are and who we…

Passion Makes Perfect: Why Passion Is Essential For A Meaningful Life

By Ashley Grates
If we live our lives without passion, without an idea of who we truly are and are constantly trying to better ourselves, are we truly living? Sure, everyone goes through the motions of everyday life; but to live a life when you’re passionate about…

The Reason Why You're Always Up At Night Wondering 'What If'

By Ashley Grates
It's 3am; you're wide awake, tossing and turning in your bed in an attempt to fall asleep. What are you thinking about? Where is your mind wandering off to? I know for some people, myself included, my mind wanders to the small or large filing…

Just Listen: Why Being A Good Listener Is Key To Being A True Friend

By Ashley Grates
Have you ever met someone who seemed so interesting and mysterious, until he or she spent 30 minutes talking about him or herself without attempting to even ask for your name? There are few things worse than meeting these types of people, except…