Arielle Egozi

Fresh from spending the last year deep in the Brazilian jungle, Arielle is a writer, yogi, and entrepreneur. She always thought she wanted to save the world, but realized it was her that needed the changing first.

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A Beginner's Guide To Using Crystals For Spiritual Healing

My parents divorced when I was younger, and my mom has moved almost every year since then. After having my own real apartment in the city, I left everything behind but a backpack, as I bopped in and out of rooms, tents and caves in brazil. I'm not ki…
By Arielle Egozi

I Read The Stanford Rape Victim's Letter And Decided To Write My Own

Trigger warning: This article or pages it links to contains information about sexual assault and/or violence, which may be triggering to survivors. I dry my tears so that I can see what I'm writing. I can't stop the deep rage that has ignited within …
By Arielle Egozi

If You Feel Disconnected From Your Body After Sexual Abuse, You're Not Alone

I watch myself from the clouds, no longer in my body. It's much easier to navigate the streets, and much easier to navigate my emotions. I no longer have to have any. I can kiss his hands and smell his neck. But once I leave, I don't hear his voice. …
By Arielle Egozi

I Posted Photos Of My Lesbian 'Wedding' Online And The Aftermath Shocked Me

This the story about a wedding that never happened. A few years ago, I was living in Rio de Janeiro, and I fell in love. The round mountains I hiked on met the sea I swam in. The beautiful houses were right next to the equally beautiful (yet massivel…
By Arielle Egozi