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This Is What Happens To Your Body When You're Under Extreme Stress

By Ariella Sharf
With age comes stress, and with chronic stress comes potential health problems. And when you're growing up, stress isn't always easy to avoid. Minor situations can cause major stress, especially when they all begin to pile up on top of each other.…

Just Like My Gemini Sign, I Don't Plan On Settling Down Anytime Soon

By Ariella Sharf
I wish I could remember the last time my mind wasn't moving at 100 mph, and I had a straight answer as to what I want to do with my life. But, I can't. It's not because I'm an unorganized hot mess with no drive or motivation; it's simply because I'm…

7 Things I Realized About Modern Love During My Stint On Bumble

By Ariella Sharf
Tomorrow is the eight-month anniversary of deleting Snapchat from my phone. I consider this anniversary a celebration of getting out of the most toxic relationship I have ever been in. My eyes would always gaze at the little ghost icon on the home…

The World Is In A Scary State Right Now, But I Refuse To Give In To Fear

By Ariella Sharf
There’s a reason it’s called terrorism. It says it right in the word: "terror." It’s an act meant to instill terror in the everyday lives of human beings. No matter how big or small the act of terrorism is, there is only one way for terrorists to…

5 Reasons Why Having A Mental Illness Is A Blessing In Disguise

By Ariella Sharf
Without even reading your mind, I know the first thought that probably went through your head upon reading the title of this article: "How could 'illness' and 'blessing' possibly be used in the same sentence?" Though "illness" commonly describes a…

There's Snow Place Like Home: 3 Reasons I'm Proud To Be From Buffalo

By Ariella Sharf
Throughout my 21 years, I’ve learned to let people play the guessing game regarding where I’m from before I experience their predictable reactions to the answer. “You’re from Buffalo? I hear it’s really cold there. Doesn’t it snow a lot in the…

5 Things College Taught Me That Totally Changed My Outlook On Life

By Ariella Sharf
When you think about college, you think about the final school experience of your life. It's a continuation of your education, and once you graduate, into the real world you go. I used to associate college with textbooks, lecture halls, mounds of…