Antonella Saravia


Antonella is a writer based in NY & Nicaragua. She once read “When you feel in your gut what you are and then dynamically pursue it... you're going to mystify a lot of folks," by Bob Dylan--life's been nothing but pencils & keyboards since.

How I Learned To Love And Surrender To My Imperfect Life

By Antonella Saravia
The recession had just hit New York. I went through a string of jobs I hated, bosses who made me anxious and a breakup that shook me to my core. I wasn’t sad; I was pissed. I felt totally jipped. At this time, I was able to identify with my anger,…

'Tis The Season For Swapping: Why Fall Is The Best Time To Try A New Look

By Antonella Saravia
Fall fashion has begun, and if you're on top of it, you're already well aware of which trends you're going for, which you're going to leave behind -- and which you're going to let your less-savvy friend try all on her own. Maybe it's the coming of a…

The Modern Annie Hall: How To Fuse Masculine Looks Into Fall Trends

By Antonella Saravia
There are some ladies who avoid the girlie look. I self-diagnosed myself as such when I found I was looking through the men's button down section to pair with a skirt years ago. There are some of us who are just more Annie Hall than Cher…

A Letter To My Future Kids: Teaching Them Everything I Wish I Had Known

By Antonella Saravia
I'm single, have never been married and have no children. But if I did, here's some wisdom I'd impart unto the smaller, cuter versions of me: 1. Don't hide your flaws Share your dark secrets. Sometimes this may be difficult, but it's important not…

The 7 Sure Signs You Have A Real BFF

By Antonella Saravia
Let's face it, not everyone has a Real BFF. Yea, most people think they do, but they don't, or they at least have them mixed up with someone else. The RBFF has been around a long time and one of the things that makes them special is the amount of…